Williams Blog Highights

The Williams Blog began as a resource for the 15th reunion activities for the class of 1988. The reunion was held in June 2003, but the blog continues. The basic idea was to provide updates on people's activities since graduation as a means of generating interest in and attendance at the reunion. A classic early example of such a posting is here. We also enjoyed posting yearbook photos of both classmates and faculty. Some people sent in updates on their lives in a more thorough fashion. You can see examples of these "Eph Blurbs" here and here and here. For our next reunion, we hope to do a lot more with these.

Over time, we began to blog about campus events, as here and here. The on-line archives of the Williams Record have proven invaluable for this purpose.

We have also taken more than one trip down memory lane. Consider items like this and this from the 1950's. News on future Williams students is also of great interest.

We are overwhelmingly pro-Williams, especially with regard to the faculty and in comparison with the situation at other schools. Moreover, many of the things that have changed at Williams in the last 15 years have been clear improvements. Examples include the housing process, the new First Days orientation and, perhaps most importantly, the tutorial program .

We also enjoy kibittizing on the Williams scene, offering opinions and suggestions on everything from songs to teach the students to communicating with class secretaries to improving the tutorial program.

Despite, or more likely because of, our loves for Williams, we don't avoid the hard issues. Sexual assault is a problem on campus that we don't have any brillant solutions to. The role of athletics at Williams is complex. We have thoughts on it here, here and here. We also don't shy away from awkward topics like the potential conflicts of interest in the college's gifts to charity.

Currently, the blog is in flux. We would like to continue it, perhaps turning it into a location for interaction between alumni and students. If anyone out there would like to participate in this project please let us know. If you send in material, we will post it. If you'd like to become a blogger (and so be able to post directly yourself), we would welcome you.